CIGWELD, Hiderok, Helm Las, Welding, Helmet
Order Code: 453833

Hiderok 108 x 51mm welding helmets are molded to offer a lightweight construction, strength, flexibility and heat resistance while still providing the wearer with the comfort and balance necessary for a hard day's work. More ...

Rp. 455,000.00,-
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CIGWELD, WeldSkill Auto Darkening Helmet – Blue
Order Code: 454305
WeldSkill Auto Darkening Helmet Blue 454305

CIGWELD WeldSkill Welding Helmets are specifically designed for the budget conscious welder and offer excellent comfort and performance. The WeldSkill Auto-Darkening helmet range is fitted with the latest auto-darkening shade lenses and is available in 3 models; one model with a fixed shade 11 lens ...

Rp. 1,411,000.00,-
Rp. 1,395,000.00,-
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