CIGWELD, COMET 3 Mixer – Type 570 – Heating

Order Code: 304003
Manufacturer: CIGWELD
Est. Weight : 0.350 Kg
Packing: Each
COMET 3 Mixer Type 570 Heating
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Product Details

COMET 3 Type 570 mixer is used for heating with all Oxy/Fuel gas type combinations

Hand tightening for easy attachment onto COMET 3 Blowpipe. (O ring seals ensure a perfect gas-tight connection every time)
Large flutes on mixer give easy positive handling, even when wearing welding gloves
Mixer 570 can be used with either Oxy/Acetylene, Oxy/LP gas or Oxy/Natural gas
No change required when altering fuel gas, other than the type of tip, hose and regulator required
Offers high resistance to backfire, regardless of the gas type or flow setting