CIGWELD, COMET Multi-Purpose 3 Cutting Torch

Order Code: 304141
Manufacturer: CIGWELD
Est. Weight : 1.700 Kg
Packing: Each
COMET Multi-Purpose 3 Cutting Torch
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Product Details

The COMET Multi-Purpose 3 Cutting Torch can be used in a wide variety of heavy industrial applications that include heavy duty cutting, gouging, steel construction, foundry, demolition and scrap cutting. A universal multi-fuel mixer allows the torch to operate with Oxy/Acet, Oxy/LPG & Oxy/ Natural gas without the need to change the mixer.

Twin Stainless steel tubes are silver brazed into the head and valve body, providing both strength and protection against dangerous gas leaks.
Universal Multi-fuel mixer is suitable for use with Acetylene, LP Gas & Natural Gas.
Cutting oxygen valve has been designed to allow flow control from a slow bleed to full capacity – Ideal for piercing.
Cutting capacity up to 300mm.
Contoured brass handle with ribs provides a secure grip.
Stainless steel cutting oxygen lever that incorporates a lockdown button for extended cutting operations.
Suitable for uses with Type 41 and Type 44 Cutting Nozzles.
The preheat control valves are colour coded for oxygen and fuel gas identification.
The torch hose connections have right-hand thread for oxygen and left-hand thread for fuel that prevents incorrect connection of gas