CIGWELD, COMET Welding Tip Oxy/Acet Type 551 Size 32

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Manufacturer: CIGWELD
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COMET Welding Tip Oxy/Acet Type 551 Size 32
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Product Details

CIGWELD introduces the next generation of Comet gas consumables, featuring a gas equipment world first in black nickel plating. This patented innovation from CIGWELD provides an additional tough wearing layer for superior durability, plus minimises heat discolouration. With continued superior performance, the CIGWELD Comet Black Nickel series offers a full range of consumables to tackle any gas cutting, gouging, welding or heating task. These consumables are designed and manufactured to exacting tolerances to ensure precise compatibility, quality and lasting performance.

Manufactured from copper, capable of welding mild steel (Oxy/Acet only), brazing (various materials) and soldering (silver solder & soft solder).
Each welding tip is individually swaged to ensure proper alignment for uniform flame, sizing and free-flow contour
Flame tested to ensure optimum quality and performance


Blowpipe COMET 3
Extension Barrel 307123, 307124, 307125
Gas Consumption (Fuel) 41-55 l/min
Gas Consumption (Oxy) 45-58 l/min
Heat Output 180 MJ/HR
Mixer 304003
Model Number SHA1
Operating Pressure (Fuel) 100 kPa
Operating Pressure (Oxy) 150 kPa
Tip Size 8x12