CIGWELD, COMET S/Heating Tip SHA2 Oxy/Acet Size 12×12

Order Code: 307122
Manufacturer: CIGWELD
Est. Weight : 0.250 Kg
Packing: Each
COMET S/Heating Tip SHA2 Oxy/Acet Size 12×12
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Product Details

Connect SHA2 directly onto your choice of stainless steel superheating barrel
Use with mixer 570 (p/n 304003)
Delivers up to 215 MJ/hr
Compact simple design for ease of cleaning
Heavy copper construction helps conduct heat away from the tip face, keeps the tip cool and prevents flashbacks
A small projection in the middle of the tip face also prevents backfires should the tip be inadvertently touched on the job
Spanner adjustment flats milled into the tip
Gas pressure and identification stamped on every SHA tip