CIGWELD COMET F6, Set Of Oxyen & Fuel

Order Code: 308889
Manufacturer: CIGWELD
Est. Weight : 0.500 Kg
Packing: Set
CIGWELD COMET F6 Set Of Oxyen & Fuel
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Product Details

Contains one of each F6 oxygen and F6 Fuel Flashback Arrestors for use on Blowpipe Mount.

Designed for connection to the inlet of blowpipes (handheld and machine), incorporating the following features:

Non-return valve.
Cylindrical stainless steel flame arrestor.
Supplied with inlet filter.
Complies to AS4603.
Conforms to EN730/DIN 8521, UL, ISO 5175 class I (fittings to AS4267-1995).
Tested by BAM.