CIGWELD, COMET EDGE ESS4 Nitrogen Regulator 1000kPa

Order Code: 310345
Manufacturer: CIGWELD
Est. Weight : 1.800 Kg
Packing: Each
COMET EDGE ESS4 Nitrogen Regulator 1000kPa
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Product Details

With the expansion of the COMET EDGE regulator range, CIGWELD can now offer an EDGE regulator to suit the majority of industrial gases. COMET EDGE nitrogen regulators are suitable for most general purpose industrial and laboratory gas control applications. Nitrogen models are fitted with pressure relief valves to protect downstream equipment against increases above the maximum outlet pressure.

The most advanced regulator design introduced to the market in 20 years.
Regulators are colour coded for easy gas identification.
Easy to read gauges incorporating coloured segments to assist with setting correct operation pressures.
Built-in Gauge Guard.
Conforms to AS4267


Maximum Inlet Pressure 20,000kPa @ 15°C
Maximum Outlet Pressure 1,000kPa
Air Flow @ Outlet 1,200 l/min @ 700kPa
Inlet Test Pressure 1,700kPa (to achieve air flow @ outlet stated)