CIGWELD, Verticor 71T, 1.2mm

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Manufacturer: CIGWELD
Est. Weight : 15.250 Kg
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Verticor 71T 1.2mm
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Product Details

VERTICOR 71T is designed for the single and multi-pass welding of mild and medium strength steels in the downhand, vertical-up and overhead positions. It is recommended for general steel construction and fabrication welding where the work cannot be rotated to the downhand positions.

Verti-Cor 71T Flux Cored Welding Wire Features
• Verti-Cor 71T is a dual gas flux cored wire. It can now be used under 100% CO2 as well as Argon +18 to 25% CO2
• Grade 3 Impact Values >47J at -30 °C Precision layer wound (PLW)
• Versatile, all positional capabilities
• Excellent Operator Appeal
• Low spatter and fume levels


CLASSIFICATIONS AS/NZS: 17632 (new), B T 49 3 T1 1 M/C AU H10, AWS/ASME-SFA A5.36, E71T1-M21/C1A3-CS1-H8
DIFF HYDROGEN LVL TO AS3752 5.0-7.0mls of hydrogen /100gms of deposited weld metal*. *For ‘as manufactured’ product with an electrode stickout of 25mm with 1.6mm wire and middle of the range current and voltage settings.
ALL WELD METAL MECH PROP Yield Stress: 490 MPa, Tensile Strength: 556 MPa, Elongation: 28%, CVN Impact Values: >47J av @ -30°C, 100J av @ -20°C
ALL WELD METAL ANALYSIS C: 0.04%, Mn: 1.24%, Si: 0.55%, Fe: Bal
RECOMMENDED SHIELDING GASES Ar + 18 to 25% CO2, ISO14175: M21, 100% CO2, EN439: C1