CIGWELD, Superflex Welding Cables 70mm

Order Code: 7901224
Manufacturer: CIGWELD
Est. Weight : 50.000 Kg
Packing: Each
Superflex Welding Cables 70mm
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Rp. 23,100,000.00 ,-
Rp. 22,400,000.00,-
12-14 Weeks

Product Details

‘SUPERFLEX’ is a premium grade copper welding cable which offers flexibility over a wide range of environmental conditions and performance benefits over welding cables previously available to the welding industry.

Double Insulated
Conforms to AS1995
Standards Marked on the outer Sheath of Cable (3 times per meter) Markings Identification Document
Offering a wide range of amperage’s.
Resistance to attack from most chemicals found in welding related environments as well as sea water, ozone and ultraviolet rays.

70mm, 50m Spool – 590A @ 30%